30 Tidbits about me...

  1. I talk out loud to myself
  2. I've never met a cheese I didn't like
  3. My favorite cocktail is Gin & Tonic
  4. I don't color my hair - I've always been this blonde
  5. I am always cold
  6. I'd rather surf the net, than watch TV
  7. I am obsessed with DIY-ing, although many times it's more like DIH (Do It Hubby)
  8. I get so organized that I can't find things
  9. I hate going to the gym (but I still make myself go)
  10. I love birthday cake flavored everything
  11. I prefer listening to audio books or podcasts instead of music while I am in the car
  12. I miss Runzas!
  13. My favorite color is brown - all shades of brown/tans/etc. 
  14. I had pet rabbits growing up
  15. I've been to the Grammy Awards twice
  16. I am a closet mixologist/bartender - always trying out a new cocktail
  17. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise
  18. I love buying blankets, and have them all over my house (see # 5)
  19. I write down and make lists for everything
  20. Even though I have loads of recipes my family loves, I always have to try out new ones
  21. Growing up, my dad had me convinced that "prairie dog" was a bad word
  22. My least favorite chore is taking the kitchen trash out
  23. I do not like my toes
  24. I am allergic to chocolate (so now I choose caramel everything!)
  25. I'm a step-mom to 2 adult children
  26. I love natural hot springs, especially the ones you have to hike to get to
  27. A perfect night would include a (real) fire, board games, and some "cuddling"
  28. Chai Latte, please
  29. I've never been stung by a bee
  30. My sense of humor can be a bit quirky at times...but I promise I won't ruin your wedding day ;)